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Get Record

Gets a record in a ServiceNow table.

External Documentation

To learn more, visit the ServiceNow documentation.

Basic Parameters

System IDThe ID assigned to the record.
Table NameThe name of the table from which the record will be retrieved, such as "incident" or "asset".

Advanced Parameters

Access Data Across DomainsCheck to access data across domains if authorized.
Display ValueDetermines the type of data returned, either the actual values from the database or the display values of the fields.
Display values are manipulated based on the actual value in the database and user or system settings and preferences.

Valid values:
- true: Returns the display values for all fields.
- false: Returns the actual values from the database.
- all: Returns both actual and display values.
Exclude Reference LinkFlag that indicates whether to exclude Table API links for reference fields.

Valid values:
- true: Exclude Table API links for reference fields.
- false: Include Table API links for reference fields.
Response FieldsComma-separated list of fields to return in the response.
View ModeUI view for which to render the data. Determines the fields returned in the response.
If you also specify the Fields parameter, it takes precedent.

Workflow Library Example

Get Record with Servicenow and Send Results Via Email

Workflow LibraryPreview this Workflow on desktop