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Attach File To Incident

Uploads a file and attaches it to an incident.


File IdentifierThe identifier of the file. You can create a file identifier using the Download File From A URL action.
Incident System IDThe System ID of the incident that the file will be attached to.

Example Output

"result": {
"table_sys_id": "d71f7935c0a8016700802b64c67c11c6",
"size_bytes": "36597",
"download_link": "",
"sys_updated_on": "2016-02-02 14:00:21",
"sys_id": "994adbc64f511200adf9f8e18110c796",
"image_height": "",
"sys_created_on": "2016-02-02 14:00:21",
"file_name": "banner-CS0001345_v1_1.jpeg",
"sys_created_by": "admin",
"compressed": "true",
"average_image_color": "",
"sys_updated_by": "admin",
"sys_tags": "",
"table_name": "incident",
"image_width": "",
"sys_mod_count": "0",
"content_type": "image/jpeg",
"size_compressed": "25130"

Workflow Library Example

Attach File to Incident with Servicenow and Send Results Via Email

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