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Generate GitHub Steampipe Report


Steampipe Report Actions are only available on private runners.


The Generate GitHub Steampipe Report Action performs Steampipe checks on GitHub resources and generates a report. The checks are performed using GitHub benchmarks/controls for supported mods.

A full description of all supported mods is provided here:

Action Parameters

Steampipe ModThe steampipe mod to run.
BenchmarkThe name of the selected mod benchmark (or control) to run.
File IdentifierThe identifier of the report file to create. Leave empty to get the report as the step output.
Output FormatRepresentation of the output result.
VariablesSpecify parameters for running the benchmark by adding a new variable with a name and value.

Using Variables

To understand how to add variables, consider the following example from the Steampipe CLI:

steampipe check github_compliacne.benchmark.cis_supply_chain_v100_1_2 --var 'trusted_issue_admins=["some_user"]'

From this example, you can see that the variable trusted_issue_admins has a value of ["some_user"]. To add this variable in the form, enter trusted_issue_admins in the "Name" column and ["some_user"] in the "Value" column.