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List Organizations For Authenticated User

List organizations for the authenticated user.

OAuth scope requirements

This only lists organizations that your authorization allows you to operate on in some way (e.g., you can list teams with read:org scope, you can publicize your organization membership with user scope, etc.). Therefore, this API requires at least user or read:org scope. OAuth requests with insufficient scope receive a 403 Forbidden response.

External Documentation

To learn more, visit the GitHub documentation.

Basic Parameters

Return All PagesAutomatically fetch all resources, page by page.

Advanced Parameters

PagePage number of the results to fetch.
Per PageThe number of results per page (max 100).

Example Output

"value": [
"avatar_url": "",
"description": "A great organization",
"events_url": "",
"hooks_url": "",
"id": 1,
"issues_url": "",
"login": "github",
"members_url": "{/member}",
"node_id": "MDEyOk9yZ2FuaXphdGlvbjE=",
"public_members_url": "{/member}",
"repos_url": "",
"url": ""

Automation Library Example

List Organizations for Authenticated User with Github and Send Results Via Email

Automation LibraryPreview this Automation on desktop