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List Pull Request Reviewers

Gets the users or teams whose review is requested for a pull request. Once a requested reviewer submits a review, they are no longer considered a requested reviewer. Their review will instead be returned by the List reviews for a pull request operation.

External Documentation

To learn more, visit the GitHub documentation.


OwnerThe organization or person who owns the repository.{owner}/{repo}
Pull NumberPull number can be found in the pull request's URL.
RepoName of the repository owned by the owner.{owner}/{repo}

Example Output

"value": {
"teams": [
"description": "A great team.",
"html_url": "",
"id": 1,
"members_url": "{/member}",
"name": "Justice League",
"node_id": "MDQ6VGVhbTE=",
"parent": null,
"permission": "admin",
"privacy": "closed",
"repositories_url": "",
"slug": "justice-league",
"url": ""
"users": [
"avatar_url": "",
"events_url": "{/privacy}",
"followers_url": "",
"following_url": "{/other_user}",
"gists_url": "{/gist_id}",
"gravatar_id": "",
"html_url": "",
"id": 1,
"login": "octocat",
"node_id": "MDQ6VXNlcjE=",
"organizations_url": "",
"received_events_url": "",
"repos_url": "",
"site_admin": false,
"starred_url": "{/owner}{/repo}",
"subscriptions_url": "",
"type": "User",
"url": ""

Automation Library Example

List Pull Request Reviewers with Github and Send Results Via Email

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