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Create Org Repo

Creates a new repository in the specified organization. The authenticated user must be a member of the organization.

OAuth scope requirements

When using OAuth, authorizations must include:

  • public_repo scope or repo scope to create a public repository. Note: For GitHub AE, use repo scope to create an internal repository.
  • repo scope to create a private repository.
External Documentation

To learn more, visit the GitHub documentation.

Basic Parameters

Auto InitPass true to create an initial commit with empty README.
DescriptionA short description of the repository.
Gitignore TemplateDesired language or platform .gitignore template to apply. Use the name of the template without the extension. For example, "Haskell".
License TemplateChoose an open source license template that best suits your needs, and then use the license keyword as the license_template string. For example, "mit" or "mpl-2.0".
New Repo NameThe name of the repository.
OrgThe organization name. The name is not case sensitive.

Advanced Parameters

PrivateWhether the repository is private.

Example Output

"value": {
"allow_auto_merge": false,
"allow_merge_commit": true,
"allow_rebase_merge": true,
"allow_squash_merge": true,
"archive_url": "{archive_format}{/ref}",
"archived": false,
"assignees_url": "{/user}",
"blobs_url": "{/sha}",
"branches_url": "{/branch}",
"clone_url": "",
"collaborators_url": "{/collaborator}",
"comments_url": "{/number}",
"commits_url": "{/sha}",
"compare_url": "{base}...{head}",
"contents_url": "{+path}",
"contributors_url": "",
"created_at": "2011-01-26T19:01:12Z",
"default_branch": "master",
"delete_branch_on_merge": true,
"deployments_url": "",
"description": "This your first repo!",
"disabled": false,
"downloads_url": "",
"events_url": "",
"fork": false,
"forks": 9,
"forks_count": 9,
"forks_url": "",
"full_name": "octocat/Hello-World",
"git_commits_url": "{/sha}",
"git_refs_url": "{/sha}",
"git_tags_url": "{/sha}",
"git_url": "",
"has_downloads": true,
"has_issues": true,
"has_pages": false,
"has_projects": true,
"has_wiki": true,
"homepage": "",
"hooks_url": "",
"html_url": "",
"id": 1296269,
"is_template": true,
"issue_comment_url": "{/number}",
"issue_events_url": "{/number}",
"issues_url": "{/number}",
"keys_url": "{/key_id}",
"labels_url": "{/name}",
"language": null,
"languages_url": "",
"license": {
"html_url": "",
"key": "mit",
"name": "MIT License",
"node_id": "MDc6TGljZW5zZW1pdA==",
"spdx_id": "MIT",
"url": ""
"merges_url": "",
"milestones_url": "{/number}",
"mirror_url": "",
"name": "Hello-World",
"network_count": 0,
"node_id": "MDEwOlJlcG9zaXRvcnkxMjk2MjY5",
"notifications_url": "{?since,all,participating}",
"open_issues": 0,
"open_issues_count": 0,
"organization": null,
"owner": {
"avatar_url": "",
"events_url": "{/privacy}",
"followers_url": "",
"following_url": "{/other_user}",
"gists_url": "{/gist_id}",
"gravatar_id": "",
"html_url": "",
"id": 1,
"login": "octocat",
"node_id": "MDQ6VXNlcjE=",
"organizations_url": "",
"received_events_url": "",
"repos_url": "",
"site_admin": false,
"starred_url": "{/owner}{/repo}",
"subscriptions_url": "",
"type": "User",
"url": ""
"permissions": {
"admin": false,
"pull": true,
"push": false
"private": false,
"pulls_url": "{/number}",
"pushed_at": "2011-01-26T19:06:43Z",
"releases_url": "{/id}",
"size": 108,
"ssh_url": "",
"stargazers_count": 80,
"stargazers_url": "",
"statuses_url": "{sha}",
"subscribers_count": 42,
"subscribers_url": "",
"subscription_url": "",
"svn_url": "",
"tags_url": "",
"teams_url": "",
"temp_clone_token": "ABTLWHOULUVAXGTRYU7OC2876QJ2O",
"template_repository": null,
"topics": [
"trees_url": "{/sha}",
"updated_at": "2011-01-26T19:14:43Z",
"url": "",
"visibility": "public",
"watchers": 80,
"watchers_count": 80

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