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List All Organizations

Lists all organizations, in the order that they were created on GitHub.

Note: Pagination is powered exclusively by the since parameter. Use the Link header to get the URL for the next page of organizations.

External Documentation

To learn more, visit the GitHub documentation.

Example Output

"value": [
"avatar_url": "",
"description": "A great organization",
"events_url": "",
"hooks_url": "",
"id": 1,
"issues_url": "",
"login": "github",
"members_url": "{/member}",
"node_id": "MDEyOk9yZ2FuaXphdGlvbjE=",
"public_members_url": "{/member}",
"repos_url": "",
"url": ""

Automation Library Example

List All Organizations with Github and Send Results Via Email

Automation LibraryPreview this Automation on desktop