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List Networks

Lists network objects for your organization.

Requires ADMINISTRATOR [64] user permissions. See [Permissions](doc:permissions).

External Documentation

To learn more, visit the Tenable documentation.

Basic Parameters

FilterA filter condition in the following format: field:operator:value. For network objects, you can only filter on the name field, using the following operators:
eq—The name of the returned network object is equal to the text you specify.
neq—The returned list of network objects excludes the network object where the name is equal to the text you specify.
* match—The returned list includes network objects where the name contains the text you specify at least partially.

You can specify multiple f parameters, separated by ampersand (&) characters. If you specify multiple f parameters, use the ft parameter to specify how applies the multiple filter conditions.
Filter Join TypeThe operator that applies if multiple `f` parameters are present. The OR operator is the only supported value. If you omit this parameter and multiple f parameters are present, applies the OR operator by default.
Include DeletedIndicates whether includes deleted network objects in the response message. Deleted network objects contain the additional attributes, deleted and deleted_by, which specifies the date (in Unix time) when the network object was deleted and the UUID of the user that deleted the network object.

Advanced Parameters

LimitThe number of records to retrieve. If this parameter is omitted, uses the default value of 50.
OffsetThe starting record to retrieve. If this parameter is omitted, uses the default value of 0.

Example Output

"value": {
"networks": [
"created": 154474408527,
"created_by": "ddbd3e11-3311-4682-9912-8e81805fd8a9",
"created_in_seconds": 1544744085,
"is_default": true,
"modified": 154474408527,
"modified_by": "ddbd3e11-3311-4682-9912-8e81805fd8a9",
"modified_in_seconds": 1544744085,
"name": "Default",
"owner_uuid": "ddbd3e11-3311-4682-9912-8e81805fd8a9",
"scanner_count": 10,
"uuid": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"
"assets_ttl_days": 91,
"created": 1557526802865,
"created_by": "0f403df2-3b35-4339-9f74-1574805de203",
"created_in_seconds": 1557526802,
"description": "Network devices at Columbia, MD location",
"is_default": false,
"modified": 1557526802865,
"modified_by": "0f403df2-3b35-4339-9f74-1574805de203",
"modified_in_seconds": 1557526802,
"name": "Headquarters",
"owner_uuid": "0e67b283-07a4-464c-a5e4-7b42576962fd",
"scanner_count": 1,
"uuid": "42475f11-5e6b-4d6a-a53d-63fe494961df"
"pagination": {
"limit": 50,
"offset": 0,
"sort": [
"name": "name",
"order": "asc"
"total": 2

Workflow Library Example

List Networks with Tenable and Send Results Via Email

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