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Import Assets

Imports asset data in JSON format.

The request size cannot exceed 5 MB. For example, if the average asset record you want to import is about 2 KB, you can import approximately 2,500 assets in a single request.

**Note:** This endpoint does not support the network_id attribute in asset objects for import. automatically assigns imported assets to the default network object. For more information about network objects, see [Manage Networks](doc:manage-networks-tio).

Requires SCAN OPERATOR [24] user permissions and CAN EDIT [64] scan permissions. See [Permissions](doc:permissions).

External Documentation

To learn more, visit the Tenable documentation.


AssetsAn array of asset objects to import. Each asset object requires a value for at least one of the following properties: fqdn, ipv4, netbios_name, mac_address.

For an example of this request body, see Add Asset Data to For the complete list of importable asset attributes, see Common Asset Attributes.
SourceA user-defined name for the source of the import containing the asset records. You can specify only one source for each import.

Example Output

"value": {
"asset_import_job_uuid": "467e5338-7783-4a0d-915a-5d00584784a0"

Workflow Library Example

Import Assets with Tenable and Send Results Via Email

Workflow LibraryPreview this Workflow on desktop