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Bulk Add Agents

Creates a bulk operation task to add agents to a group.

Requires SCAN MANAGER [40] user permissions. See [Permissions](doc:permissions).


Criteria All AgentsIndicates whether or not to match against all agents.
Criteria Filter TypeIndicates how to combine the filters conditions. Possible values are and or or.
Criteria FiltersAn array of string or numeric operations to match against agents. For example, name:match:laptop or core_version:lt:10.0.0.
Criteria Hardcoded FiltersAdditional filters that will always be added as and conditions.
Criteria WildcardA string used to match against all string-like attributes of an agent.
Group IDThe ID or UUID of the agent group.
ItemsAn array of agent IDs or agent UUIDs to add to the criteria filter.
Not ItemsAn array of agent IDs or agent UUIDs to exclude from the criteria filter.

Example Output

"value": {
"completion_percentage": 0,
"container_uuid": "3cc182bb-b8ba-4025-9e59-9a81b8a64d5a",
"last_update_time": 1544032287501,
"message": "Starting...",
"start_time": 1544032287496,
"status": "RUNNING",
"task_id": "7aaae2f3-544d-497f-b0f0-447d03d7cd55",
"total_work_units": 3,
"total_work_units_completed": 0

Workflow Library Example

Bulk Add Agents with Tenable and Send Results Via Email

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