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Get Scan Details

Returns scan details.

Requires BASIC [16] user permissions and CAN VIEW [16] scan permissions. See [Permissions](doc:permissions).

External Documentation

To learn more, visit the Tenable documentation.


Scan IDThe UUID of the scan for which you want to view details. Can be retrieved from the 'Launch Scan'.

Example Output

"value": {
"config_id": "a772daba-3d6d-412c-8ee0-3279b19650b2",
"created_at": "2020-02-05T23:11:49.342Z",
"metadata": {
"audited_pages": 1,
"crawled_urls": 1,
"queued_pages": 0,
"queued_urls": 0,
"request_count": 74,
"response_time": 0,
"scan_status": "stopping"
"requested_action": "start",
"scan_id": "7f2fc25a-bdd8-4ad4-91dd-b9563ed69560",
"status": "completed",
"target": "",
"updated_at": "2020-02-05T23:22:15.510Z",
"user_id": "53e1d711-f18f-4a75-a86e-1c47bccff1b7"

Workflow Library Example

Get Scan Details with Tenable and Send Results Via Email

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