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Get Vulnerabilities Export Status

Returns the status of a vulnerability export request. processes the chunks in parallel so the chunks may not complete in order, and the chunk IDs may not be arranged sequentially in the completed output.

**Note:** Output for an individual plugin is limited to 1,024 KB (1 MB).

Requires ADMINISTRATOR [64] user permissions. See [Permissions](doc:permissions).

External Documentation

To learn more, visit the Tenable documentation.


Export UuidThe unique identifier of an export request. This value corresponds to the value returned in the /vulns/export response message.

Example Output

"value": {
"chunks_available": [],
"chunks_available_count": 0,
"chunks_cancelled": [],
"chunks_failed": [],
"created": 1616117745174,
"empty_chunks_count": 0,
"filters": {
"first_found": 0,
"first_seen": 0,
"indexed_at": 0,
"last_fixed": 0,
"last_found": 0,
"last_seen": 0,
"since": 1519025683,
"state": [
"tags": {}
"finished_chunks": 0,
"num_assets_per_chunk": 50,
"status": "FINISHED",
"total_chunks": 0,
"uuid": "b22a7871-7d5c-479e-a326-93af37cc285d"

Workflow Library Example

Get Vulnerabilities Export Status with Tenable and Send Results Via Email

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