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Search Users

Search, filter, sort, and page users.

External Documentation

To learn more, visit the Delinea documentation.


Include Inactive UsersWhether to include inactive users in the results.
Search TextFilter users by name.

Example Output

"batchCount": 0,
"currentPage": 0,
"hasNext": true,
"hasPrev": true,
"nextSkip": 0,
"pageCount": 0,
"prevSkip": 0,
"records": [
"created": "2019-08-24T14:15:22Z",
"displayName": "string",
"domainId": 0,
"domainName": "string",
"emailAddress": "string",
"enabled": true,
"externalUserSource": "None",
"id": 0,
"isApplicationAccount": true,
"isLockedOut": true,
"lastLogin": "2019-08-24T14:15:22Z",
"loginFailures": 0,
"platformIntegrationType": "None",
"twoFactorMethod": "None",
"userName": "string"
"severity": "None",
"skip": 0,
"sortBy": [
"direction": "None",
"name": "string",
"priority": 0
"success": true,
"take": 0,
"total": 0

Automation Library Example

Search Users with Delinea and Send Results Via Email

Automation LibraryPreview this Automation on desktop