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Case Management Permissions

In the Case Management feature, users can be granted varying types of access permissions.

  • Admin Permissions: These permissions grants users full access to all cases including the ability to make any changes to the settings. The Workspace Owner Role grants access to the permissions mentioned.

  • Editor Permissions: In order to create editor permissions, you need to create a custom workspace role which allows users to create and edit cases while restricting the ability to make changes to settings.

  • Viewer Permissions: These permissions allows user to only observe existing cases without the ability to edit or create them. The Workspace Viewer Role grants access to the permissions mentioned.

Creating a Case Management Editor Role

  1. Navigate to the Roles Tab under User Settings and in the top-right corner, click on New Role button in the top right-corner.

CM Permissions

  1. A dialogue box will open, displaying all user role permissions.

  2. Add a Role Name and a Role Description.

CM Permissions

  1. Select the Workspace Role option under the Role Scope section.

CM Permissions

  1. Then, select the checkbox next to case_management:edit under the Case Management section and select the checkbox next to workspace:edit under the Workspace section to customize the editor permissions. Then click the create icon.

CM Permissions