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Blink Copilot Best Practices and Limitations

  1. Be clear and precise: Providing clear and specific instructions will assist Blink Copilot in understanding your instructions clearly.
  2. Use complete integration names: For example, instead of using generic terms like Compute Instance, specify the full name of the relevant integrations, such as AWS EC2 Compute Instance.
  3. Refrain from using unknown or unrecognized vendors in your prompt.
  4. Using the word loop in your prompt will likely generate a looping action in the results. Try to be as descriptive as possible about what you want the loop action to accomplish.
  5. Keep it simple and concise: To tackle complex workflows effectively, consider breaking your prompt instructions into bullet points, ensuring each bullet point prompt is concise and straightforward. For Example:

example one


example two

  1. Blink Copilot does not support working with Tables, text blocks, and the switch case utility action.
  2. Sometimes results may be incorrect or invalid.
  3. Workflows that involve multiple integrations may not generate properly.