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Update User

Partially update a user, passing only the fields you want to modify.

Basic Parameters

First NameNew first name for the user.
IDUser ID to update.
PasswordNew password for the user.
UsernameNew username for the user.

Advanced Parameters

EmailNew email address of the user.
Extra FieldsAny additional fields to add to the user.

Can be one of:
- permissions: which permissions the user should have
- activated: whether the user's account is activated (true/false)
- manager_id: the ID of the user's manager
- employee_num: which number of employee the user is
- company_id: the ID of the company the user belongs to
- two_factor_enrolled: whether the user is enrolled in two-factor auth (true/false)
- two_factor_optin: whether the user should have the option to enroll in two-factor auth (true/false)
- department_id: the ID of the department the user belongs to
- location_id: the ID of the location the user works in
- remote: whether the user works remotely (true/false)
- groups: ID of the group or groups the user should be associated with. Can be a single ID number of an array like [1,2,3]
Job TitleNew job title for the user.
Last NameNew last name for the user.
NotesAny notes to attach to the user.
PhoneNew phone number for the user.

Example Output

"status": "success",
"messages": "User was successfully updated.",
"payload": {
"id": 13,
"avatar": "//",
"name": "new first name new last name",
"first_name": "new first name",
"last_name": "new last name",
"username": "new-stability-user",
"remote": false,
"locale": "en",
"employee_num": null,
"manager": null,
"jobtitle": "new job title",
"phone": null,
"website": null,
"address": null,
"city": "London",
"state": "Wales",
"country": null,
"zip": null,
"email": "",
"department": null,
"location": null,
"notes": "new note",
"permissions": null,
"activated": false,
"ldap_import": false,
"two_factor_enrolled": false,
"two_factor_optin": false,
"assets_count": 0,
"licenses_count": 0,
"accessories_count": 0,
"consumables_count": 0,
"company": null,
"created_by": null,
"created_at": {
"datetime": "2023-01-21 16:05:57",
"formatted": "2023-01-21 04:05 PM"
"updated_at": {
"datetime": "2023-01-21 16:05:58",
"formatted": "2023-01-21 04:05 PM"
"start_date": null,
"end_date": null,
"last_login": null,
"deleted_at": null,
"available_actions": {
"update": true,
"delete": true,
"clone": true,
"restore": false
"groups": null

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