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Create Alert

Creates a new alert.

External Documentation

To learn more, visit the Opsgenie documentation.


ActionsCustom actions that will be available for the alert.
AliasClient-defined identifier of the alert, that is also the key element of alert deduplication.
DescriptionDescription field of the alert that is generally used to provide a detailed information about the alert.
DetailsMap of key-value pairs to use as custom properties of the alert.
EntityEntity field of the alert that is generally used to specify which domain alert is related to.
MessageMessage of the alert.
NoteAdditional note that will be added while creating the alert.
PriorityPriority level of the alert.
RespondersResponders that the alert will be routed to send notifications.
TagsTags of the alert.
UserDisplay name of the request owner.
Visible ToTeams and users that the alert will become visible to without sending any notification.

Example Output

"data": {
"id": "string",
"name": "string"
"requestId": "string",
"result": "string",
"took": 0

Automation Library Example

Create Alert with Opsgenie and Send Results Via Email

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