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Update User Group

This endpoint allows you to do a full update of the User Group.

Sample Request

curl -X PUT{Group_ID} \
-H 'Accept: application/json' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'x-api-key: {API_KEY}' \
-d '{
"name": "group_update"

Basic Parameters

DescriptionDescription of a User Group.
EmailEmail address of a User Group.
IDObjectID of the User Group.
Member QueryQuery using a sequence of field filters.
NameDisplay name of a User Group.

Advanced Parameters

AttributesThe graph attributes for a UserGroup.
Attributes Ldap Groups-
Attributes Posix Groups-
Attributes Samba Enabled-
Member Query ExemptionsArray of GraphObjects exempted from the query.
Member Query Filters-
Member Query Query Type-
Member Suggestions NotifyTrue if notification emails are to be sent for membership suggestions.
Membership AutomatedTrue if membership of this group is automatically updated based on the Member Query and Member Query Exemptions, if configured.
Organization IDOrganization identifier that can be obtained from console settings.
Radius Reply-
Sudo EnabledEnables sudo.
Sudo Without PasswordEnable sudo without password (requires 'enabled' to be true).

Example Output

"attributes": {
"ldapGroups": [
"name": "string"
"posixGroups": [
"id": 0,
"name": "string"
"radius": {
"reply": [
"name": "string",
"value": "string"
"sambaEnabled": false,
"sudo": {
"enabled": false,
"withoutPassword": false
"description": "Description of a User Group",
"email": "Email address of a User Group",
"id": "ObjectId uniquely identifying a User Group.",
"memberQuery": {
"filters": [
"field": "Name of field in filter target object.",
"operator": "Filter comparison operator.",
"value": "Filter comparison value."
"queryType": "string"
"memberQueryExemptions": [
"attributes": {},
"id": "The ObjectID of the graph object.",
"type": "The type of graph object."
"memberSuggestionsNotify": false,
"membershipAutomated": false,
"name": "Display name of a User Group.",
"suggestionCounts": {
"add": 0,
"remove": 0,
"total": 0
"type": "The type of the group."

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