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List Users

Returns a paginated list of users.

To fetch all results, call repeatedly with the offset parameter as long as the result metadata has a next_offset value.

If username is not provided, the list will contain all users.

If username is provided, the list will either contain a single user (if a match was found) or no users.

Requires "Grant read resource" API permission.

Basic Parameters

UsernameSpecify a user name (or username alias) to look up a single user.

Advanced Parameters

LimitThe maximum number of records returned.

Default: 100; Max: 300
OffsetThe offset from 0 at which to start record retrieval.

When used with "limit", the handler will return "limit" records starting at the n-th record, where n is the offset.

Default: 0

Example Output

"stat": "OK",
"response": [
"alias1": "joe.smith",
"alias2": "",
"alias3": null,
"alias4": null,
"aliases": {
"alias1": "joe.smith",
"alias2": ""
"created": 1489612729,
"email": "",
"firstname": "Joe",
"groups": [
"desc": "People with hardware tokens",
"mobile_otp_enabled": false,
"name": "token_users",
"push_enabled": false,
"sms_enabled": false,
"status": "Active",
"voice_enabled": false
"is_enrolled": true,
"last_directory_sync": 1508789163,
"last_login": 1343921403,
"lastname": "Smith",
"notes": "",
"phones": [
"activated": true,
"capabilities": [
"encrypted": "Encrypted",
"extension": "",
"fingerprint": "Configured",
"last_seen": "2019-11-18T15:51:13",
"model": "Apple iPhone 11 Pro",
"name": "My iPhone",
"number": "15555550100",
"phone_id": "DPFZRS9FB0D46QFTM899",
"platform": "Apple iOS",
"postdelay": "0",
"predelay": "0",
"screenlock": "Locked",
"sms_passcodes_sent": true,
"tampered": "Not tampered",
"type": "Mobile"
"realname": "Joe Smith",
"status": "active",
"tokens": [
"serial": "123456",
"token_id": "DHIZ34ALBA2445ND4AI2",
"type": "d1"
"u2ftokens": [],
"user_id": "DU3RP9I2WOC59VZX672N",
"username": "jsmith",
"webauthncredentials": [
"credential_name": "Touch ID",
"date_added": 1550685154,
"label": "Touch ID",
"webauthnkey": "WABFEOE007ZMV1QAZTRB"
"credential_name": "YubiKey C",
"date_added": 1550674764,
"label": "Security Key",
"webauthnkey": "WA4BD9AUVMSNUFWZGES4"

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