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Update Message

Updates a message in a space or chat.

External Documentation

To learn more, visit the Google Chat documentation.

Basic Parameters

MessageResource name of the message you want to update. Can be obtained via the List Messages action.
Format: spaces/{space}/messages/{message}.
Message ContentPlain-text body of the message. The first link to an image, video, or web page generates a preview chip.

Advanced Parameters

Delegated User OverridePerform the action on behalf of another user, overriding the delegated user defined in the connection.

If not specified, the delegated user is the one provided in the connection.

Has no effect when using an OAuth connection.

NOTE: the connection details are not edited by this input.

Example Output

"name": "spaces/AAAFF75edfb4/messages/SR59039bnFG.Y5VZJbp5erI",
"sender": {
"name": "users/12344352342325423623",
"type": "HUMAN"
"createTime": "2023-08-27T14:54:15.208095Z",
"text": "testetst",
"thread": {
"name": "spaces/AAAFF75edfb4/threads/SR59039bnFG"
"space": {
"name": "spaces/AAAFF75edfb4"
"argumentText": "test",
"lastUpdateTime": "2023-08-27T18:13:24.050559Z",
"threadReply": true

Automation Library Example

Update Message with Google Chat and Send Results Via Email

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