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Update Ticket

Make changes to the parameters of a ticket, from updating statuses to changing ticket type.


CategoryCategory of the ticket.
Group IDID of the group to which the ticket has been assigned. The default value is the ID of the group that is associated with the given email_config_id.
Item CategoryThe item category.
NameName of the requester.
PhonePhone number of the requester. If no contact exists with this phone number in Freshservice, it will be added as a new contact.
PriorityPriority of the ticket. Note - In order for the chosen priority to be selected, Priority Matrix must be disabled. You can navigate to Admin > Priority Matrix to disable it.
Responder IDID of the agent to whom the ticket has been assigned.
SourceThe channel through which the ticket was created. The default value is "Portal".
StatusStatus of the ticket.
Sub-CategorySub-Category of the ticket:
For Hardware, it should be one of these values: 'Computer,Printer,Phone,Peripherals'.
For Software, it should be one of these values: 'MS Office,Adobe Reader,Windows,Chrome'.
For Network, it should be one of these values: 'Access,Connectivity'.
For Other, it should not be set, as input is not expected.
TagsA Comma-seperated list of Tags that have been associated with the ticket e.g "tag1","tag2","tag3".
Ticket IDID of the ticket to update.

Automation Library Example

Update Ticket with Freshservice and Send Results Via Email

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