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Perform Host Action

Performs the action specified in the \"act\" parameter● Isolate endpoint: Prevents the endpoin from connecting to the network● Restore connection: Restores network connectivity to an isolated endpoint● Uninstall Security Agent: Removes the Security Agent program from an endpoint● Relocate Security Agent: Moves the Security Agent to a different Apex One server or domain (the source and target must be registered to the same Apex Central server).


Action NameThe action to be performed on the selected host.
EndpointSelect the endpoint's hostname for the managed agent product or manually type its ID.
Relocate To Folder PathThe target directory for the agent.
Relocate To Server IDThe GUID of the target server for the agent.

Example Output

"result_code": 0,
"result_content": {},
"result_description": "string"

Automation Library Example

Perform Host Action with Apex One and Send Results Via Email

Automation LibraryPreview this Automation on desktop