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List Agents

Retrieves a list of Security Agents with more detail.


Entity IDThe GUID of the Security Agent.
Host NameThe name of the endpoint.
IP AddressThe IP address of the endpoint.
Mac AddressThe MAC address of the endpoint.
Managing Server IDThe GUID of the product server that manages the Security Agent.
ProductThe Trend Micro product ID. For example: 15 = Apex One, 31001 = Apex One(Mac).

Example Output

"result_code": 0,
"result_content": [
"adDomain": "string",
"capabilities": [
"clientProgram": "string",
"connectionStatus": "string",
"domain": "string",
"domainHierarchy": "string",
"endpointHost": "string",
"endpointID": "string",
"endpointIP": "string",
"endpointMAC": "string",
"firewall": "string",
"isolationStatus": "string",
"lastConnected": "string",
"lastManualScanUTC": "string",
"lastScheduledScanUTC": "string",
"lastStartup": "string",
"logonUser": "string",
"managingServerID": "string",
"platform": "string",
"product": "string",
"scanMethod": "string",
"smartScanAgentPattern": "string",
"updateAgent": "string",
"virusPattern": "string",
"virusScanEngine": "string"
"result_description": "string"

Workflow Library Example

List Agents with Apex One and Send Results Via Email

Workflow LibraryPreview this Workflow on desktop