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Get Program Reports

Get reports for a specific program.

Basic Parameters

Program Slug NameThe program slug name.

Advanced Parameters

LimitNumber of results per page to show.
Order BySpecified property of the order of retrieved reports. By default, results are ordered by descending order.
PagePage number to show.
Priority FilterFilter results based on the report priority.
Sort BySorting parameter for the results to be retrieved. The default is by when the reports were last changed at.
Status FilterFilter results based on the report status.

Example Output

"items": [
"id": null,
"local_id": "string",
"title": "string",
"scope": "string",
"hunter": {
"username": "string",
"slug": "string",
"kyc_status": "string",
"hunter_profile": {
"public": null
"avatar": {
"name": "string",
"original_name": "string",
"mime_type": "string",
"size": null,
"url": "string"
"status": {
"workflow_state": "string"
"reward": null,
"currency": "string",
"marked_as": "string",
"created_at": null

Workflow Library Example

Get Program Reports with Yeswehack and Send Results Via Email

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