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Shodan Custom Action

Executes an HTTP request with the chosen method on the provided URL or API endpoint.

Basic Parameters

HeadersRequest Headers to be added to the request in the format Name: Value, separated by newlines. For example: Content-Type: application/json.
MethodWhich HTTP method to use in the request.
Request BodyJSON data to send in the request body.
Request URL Or API EndpointThe URL or API endpoint to communicate with. You may specify either a full URL or a relative endpoint path: For example, for an action in URL it is enough to specify only /path.

Advanced Parameters

CookiesWeb cookies to include in the request in the format Name=Value, separated by newlines. For example: JWT=Token.
Disable SSL EnforcementEnable this option to skip SSL verification of the server's certificate chain and host name. This may increase security vulnerabilities, but can be useful for testing or when custom verification is employed.
Retry On Rate LimitIf enabled, and when rate limits are reached, the system will retry the HTTP request after the designated time period specified in the rate limit headers or through the use of exponential backoff.

Workflow Library Example

Shodan Custom Action and Send Results Via Email

Workflow LibraryPreview this Workflow on desktop