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List Pentests

List and query pentests.

External Documentation

To learn more, visit the Cobalt documentation.

Basic Parameters

StateReturns pentests that match the chosen state.
Testing TypeReturns pentests that match the chosen Testing Type.
X Org TokenThe ID of the organization the assets belong to. Can be obtained by the List Organizations action.

Advanced Parameters

Asset IDReturns pentests scoped to this asset id. Can be obtained by the List Assets action.
CursorSpecifies the pagination cursor for the next page.
Ended afterReturns pentests that ended after the given date.
Ended beforeReturns pentests that ended before the given date.
LimitNumber of results per page, valid range is 1-100.
Platform TagReturns pentests with specified platform tags. Multiple tags can be specified by a comma seperated list.
SortReturns pentests sorted by chosen property.
Started afterReturns pentests that started after the given date.
Started beforeReturns pentests that started before the given date.

Example Output

"data": [
"resource": {
"id": "pt_JQJpAAMjyc8sVtXW2X2Aq5",
"title": "HR System Security Test 2022-Q4",
"objectives": "Coverage of OWASP top 10, ASVS and application logic.",
"state": "new",
"tag": "#PT5940",
"asset_id": "as_4L4ZjKgfzP7VBwUmqCZmmL",
"testing_type": "agile",
"platform_tags": [
"methodology": "web",
"targets": [
"start_date": "Dec 11 2019",
"end_date": "Dec 25 2019"
"links": {
"ui": {
"url": ""
"pagination": {
"next_page": "/pentests?cursor=a1b2c3d4",
"prev_page": "/pentests?cursor=4d3c2b1a"

Automation Library Example

List Pentests with Cobalt and Send Results Via Email

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