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Create AP Exception

Create an AP exception.

Basic Parameters

Entity IDThe entity ID for the new exception. Can be obtained via the Query Entity action.
Exception TypeThe type of the exception.
ScopesThe scopes for the request.
SubjectThe subject of the exception.

Advanced Parameters

CommentThe comment for the exception.
Ignoring SPF CheckIf checked, the new exception will ignore SPF check.
Sender EmailThe email of the sender of the exception.
Sender NameThe name of the sender of the exception.

Example Output

"responseData": [
"responseEnvelope": {
"additionalText": "",
"recordsNumber": 0,
"requestId": "Requestid",
"responseCode": 0,
"responseText": "",
"scrollId": "Scrollid"

Workflow Library Example

Create Ap Exception with Check Point Harmony and Send Results Via Email

Workflow LibraryPreview this Workflow on desktop