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Zendesk Zendesk

Zendesk is a cloud-based help desk management solution offering customizable tools to build customer service portal, knowledge base and online communities. The solution offers a customizable front-end portal, live chat features and integration with applications like Salesforce and Google Analytics.

Creating a Zendesk connection

To create the connection you need:

  • To enable API token access
  • A token
  • A Zendesk URL

Obtaining the credentials

Enabling API token access

API token access is disabled by default. Before you can generate an API token, enable API token access.

  1. In Admin Center sidebar, click Apps and integrations.

  2. Select APIs > Zendesk APIs.

  3. Click the Token Access toggle to enable API token access.


Generating an API token

Once you have enabled API token access, admins can generate an API token.

  1. In Admin Center sidebar, click Apps and integrations.

  2. Select APIs > Zendesk APIs.

  3. Click the Settings tab, and make sure Token Access is enabled.

  4. Click the Add API token button to the right of Active API Tokens.

    The token is generated and displayed.


  5. Enter an API token description.

  6. Copy the token and paste it somewhere secure. Once you close this window, the full token will never be displayed again.

  7. Click Save to return to the API page.

    If you click the token to reopen it, a truncated version of the token is displayed.


Creating your connection

  1. In the Blink platform, navigate to the Connections page > Add connection. A New Connection dialog box opens displaying icons of external service providers available.
  2. Select the Zendesk icon. A dialog box with name of the connection and connection methods appears.
  3. (Optional) Edit the name of the connection. At a later stage you cannot edit the name.
  4. Select Access Token as the method to create the connection.
  5. Fill in the parameters:
    • The token
    • The Zendesk API address
    • The Zendesk email
  6. (Optional) Click Test Connection to test it.
  7. Click Create connection. The new connection appears on the Connections page.