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List Users

Get a list of all users in the organization. The response is paginated with a default limit of 100 users per page.


EmailFind user with the given email address.
LimitLimit the number of users returned in the response. The number of users returned may be less than the limit.
Sort BySort the list of users by the firstName, lastName, or email field.
TokenContinuation token to get the next page of results. A page object with the next continuation token is returned in the response body. Subsequent GET requests should specify the continuation token to get the next page of results. token is set to null when no more pages are left.

Example Output

"data": [
"createdAt": "2018-10-16T09:10:00Z",
"createdBy": "0000000006743FDD",
"email": "",
"firstName": "John",
"id": "000000000FE20FE2",
"isActive": true,
"isLocked": false,
"isMfaEnabled": false,
"lastLoginTimestamp": "Timestamp of the last login for the user in UTC. Will be null if the user has never logged in.",
"lastName": "Doe",
"modifiedAt": "2018-10-16T09:10:00Z",
"modifiedBy": "0000000006743FE8",
"roleIds": [
"next": "GDCiRv4vebF3UWFJQ1kySXBOR3Bzh69GR0RyWm9vCtc"

Workflow Library Example

List Users with Sumo Logic and Send Results Via Email

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