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Create Or Update Risk

Set a user or resource risk level. This sets a risk level for user-defined risk indicators for a user or resource. These are used, along with Silverfort's indicators for the entity, to update the overall risk level for the entity.


Resource NameThe resource name of a resource defined in Active Directory.
RisksA set of risk indicators.
Each indicator contains a severity, description and for how long the indicator is valid for.

For example:

"activity_risk": {
"severity": "medium",
"valid_for": 1,
"description": "Suspicious activity"
"malware_risk": {
"severity": "high",
"valid_for": 1,
"description": "Malware detected"

The example above adds two indicators for the user, and assigns a risk level for each indicator. If
the indicator was used in an earlier request (same activity_risk), the risk level is updated,
and a new indicator is not created.
Search ByCreate or update risk based on user principal name or resource name.
User Principal NameThe user's principal name for whom risk indicators are to be created.

Example Output

"result": "updated successfully"

Workflow Library Example

Create or Update Risk with Silverfort and Send Results Via Email

Workflow LibraryPreview this Workflow on desktop