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Update Customer

Updates a customer's information based on ID.


AddressesJSON array of address objects to set on the customer.

Input example:
"address1": "Chestnut Street 92",
"address2": "Apartment 2",
"city": "Louisville",
"company": null,
"country": "united states",
"first_name": "Bob",
"id": 207119551,
"last_name": "Norman",
"phone": "555-625-1199",
"province": "Kentucky",
"zip": "40202",
"province_code": "KY",
"country_code": "US",
"country_name": "United States",
"default": true
Customer IDThe ID of the customer to update.
Email AddressNew email address of the customer. Must be unique, will error if a customer exists already with the email.
First NameCustomer's first name.
Last NameCustomer's last name.
MetafieldsJSON array of metafields to set on the customer.

Input example:
NoteAn additional note to save on the customer.
Phone NumberE.164 formatted phone number of the customer.
TagsComma-seperated list of tags to set on this customer.

Workflow Library Example

Update Customer with Shopify and Send Results Via Email

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