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Upload Scanner

Upload an exposure file for workspace and user IDs.


Account IDThe ID of the account.
File IdentifierThe identifier of the file. You can create a file identifier using the Set File Variable action.
GroupThe name of the group.
Workspace IDThe ID of the workspace.

Example Output

"id": 422,
"fileName": "CJTC CREDS_5imn6z2_2023-11-10T13_49_43.286.nessus",
"scanner": "Nessus",
"fileType": "nessus",
"fileSize": "41.65 MB",
"assetCount": 0,
"findingCount": 0,
"fileStatus": "SCHEDULED",
"createDate": "2023-11-10 13:49:43",
"uploadStatus": "Success",
"message": "File uploaded successfully",
"progressPercentage": 0

Automation Library Example

Upload Scanner with Securin and Send Results Via Email

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