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Pingdom Webhook Event

Pingdom webhooks trigger when a certain event occurs. For example, you can trigger a Blink automation when an uptime check changes state from UP to DOWN or vice versa.

For setup information, visit the Pingdom documentation.

Sample Event

"check_id": 12345,
"check_name": "Name of HTTP check",
"check_type": "HTTP",
"check_params": {
"basic_auth": false,
"encryption": true,
"full_url": "",
"header": "User-Agent:Pingdom.com_bot",
"hostname": "",
"ipv6": false,
"port": 443,
"url": "/path"
"tags": [
"previous_state": "UP",
"current_state": "DOWN",
"importance_level": "HIGH",
"state_changed_timestamp": 1451610061,
"state_changed_utc_time": "2016-01-01T01:01:01",
"long_description": "Long error message",
"description": "Short error message",
"first_probe": {
"ip": "",
"ipv6": "2001:4800:1020:209::5",
"location": "Stockholm, Sweden"
"second_probe": {
"ip": "",
"ipv6": "2001:4800:1020:209::5",
"location": "Austin, US",
"version": 1