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Get Scan Reports

Get all scan reports for the specified flow ID.


Flow IDThe flow ID of the scan. You can get the flow id from the response of the Scan URL action.

Example Output

"flowId": "640f39f615e425e0dcc1d6ac",
"allFinished": true,
"allFilesDownloadFinished": true,
"reportsAmount": 1,
"priority": "medium",
"pollPause": 5,
"reports": {
"98f6621d-80a3-4bfd-9378-6562e9161603": {
"overallState": "success",
"positionInQueue": 0,
"finalVerdict": {
"verdict": "INFORMATIONAL",
"threatLevel": 0.1,
"confidence": 1
"vtRate": -1,
"file": {
"name": "",
"hash": "100680ad546ce6a577f42f52df33b4cfdca756859e664b8d7de329b150d09ce9",
"type": "other"
"filesDownloadFinished": true,
"created_date": "03/13/2023, 14:58:00",
"estimatedTime": "8",
"estimated_progress": 1.0

Workflow Library Example

Get Scan Reports with Opswat and Send Results Via Email

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