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Update Cells In Sheet

Sets values in a range of a spreadsheet. For example, if the sheet name is Sheet1, and the range is A1-E1, it will update the first five cells in the first row of the sheet called "Sheet1".

External Documentation

To learn more, visit the Google Sheets documentation.

Basic Parameters

RangeThe range the values cover, in A1 notation: startCell:endCell.
For example, A1-E1 will update the first five cells in the first row.
Sheet NameThe name of the sheet.
Spreadsheet IDThe ID of the spreadsheet.
ValuesThe updated rows data.
This is an array of arrays, the outer array representing all the data and each inner array representing a major dimension.
Each item in the inner array corresponds with one cell.

For input, supported value types are: bool, string, and double. Null values will be skipped.
To set a cell to an empty value, set the string value to an empty string.

Advanced Parameters

Delegated User OverridePerform the action on behalf of another user, overriding the delegated user defined in the connection.

If not specified, the delegated user is the one provided in the connection.

Has no effect when using an OAuth connection.

NOTE: the connection details are not edited by this input.
Major DimensionThe major dimension of the values. For output, if the spreadsheet
data is: A1=1,B1=2,A2=3,B2=4, then requesting range=A1:B2,majorDimension=ROWS
will return [[1,2],[3,4]], whereas requesting range=A1:B2,majorDimension=COLUMNS
will return [[1,3],[2,4]]. For input, with range=A1:B2,majorDimension=ROWS
then [[1,2],[3,4]] will set A1=1,B1=2,A2=3,B2=4. With range=A1:B2,majorDimension=COLUMNS
then [[1,2],[3,4]] will set A1=1,B1=3,A2=2,B2=4. When writing, if this field
is not set, it defaults to ROWS.
Value Input OptionHow the input data should be interpreted.

Example Output

"spreadsheetId": "1uW957i4riQvq4E4zRwpwCMuwas_BRIuEPvlPQ0qsB70",
"updatedRange": "Sheet1!A2:D2",
"updatedRows": 1,
"updatedColumns": 4,
"updatedCells": 4

Workflow Library Example

Update Cells in Sheet with Google Sheets and Send Results Via Email

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