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Get Range Data

Returns a range of values from a spreadsheet. The caller must specify the spreadsheet ID, sheet name and a range.

External Documentation

To learn more, visit the Google Sheets documentation.

Basic Parameters

RangeSets the ranges of values from the spreadsheet which will be returned, in the form of startCell:endCell to be returned.
For example, A1-E1 will return the first five cells in the first row.
Sheet NameThe name of the sheet.
Spreadsheet IDThe ID of the spreadsheet.

Advanced Parameters

Date Time Render OptionHow dates, times, and durations should be represented in the output.
The default dateTime render option is SERIAL_NUMBER.
Delegated User OverridePerform the action on behalf of another user, overriding the delegated user defined in the connection.

If not specified, the delegated user is the one provided in the connection.

Has no effect when using an OAuth connection.

NOTE: the connection details are not edited by this input.
Major DimensionThe major dimension that results should use.

For example, if the spreadsheet data in Sheet1 is: A1=1,B1=2,A2=3,B2=4,
then requesting Major Dimension = ROWS returns [[1,2],[3,4]],
whereas requesting Major Dimension = COLUMNS returns [[1,3],[2,4]].

Example Output

"range": "Sheet1!A2:E2",
"majorDimension": "ROWS",
"values": [

Workflow Library Example

Get Range Data with Google Sheets and Send Results Via Email

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