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Permission Check

Check if a user or a group can perform an operation to the specified content. The operation to check must be provided. The user’s account ID or the ID of the group can be provided in the subject to check permissions against a specified user or group. The following permission checks are done to make sure that the user or group has the proper access:

  • site permissions
  • space permissions
  • content restrictions

Permissions required: Permission to access the Confluence site ('Can use' global permission) if checking permission for self, otherwise 'Confluence Administrator' global permission is required.

External Documentation

To learn more, visit the Confluence documentation.


IDThe ID of the content to check permissions against.
OperationThe content permission operation to check.
Subject Identifierfor type=user, identifier should be user's accountId or anonymous for anonymous users

for type=group, identifier should be ID of the group.
Subject Type-

Example Output

"errors": [
"args": [
"translation": "string"
"hasPermission": false

Workflow Library Example

Permission Check with Confluence and Send Results Via Email

Workflow LibraryPreview this Workflow on desktop