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Update Zero Trust Team List

Append or remove an item from a configured Zero Trust List.


Account IDThe account ID to perform the action on.
AppendThe items that will be appended to the list.
List IDThe list ID.
RemoveA list of the item values you want to remove.

Example Output

"errors": [],
"messages": [],
"result": {
"count": 20,
"created_at": "2014-01-01T05:20:00.12345Z",
"description": "The serial numbers for administrators",
"id": "f174e90a-fafe-4643-bbbc-4a0ed4fc8415",
"name": "Admin Serial Numbers",
"type": "SERIAL",
"updated_at": "2014-01-01T05:20:00.12345Z"
"success": true

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