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Retrieve New Findings

Retrieve new findings in your Brinqa instance.

External Documentation

To learn more, visit the Brinqa documentation.

Example Output

"data": {
"findings": [
"connectorNames": ["Qualys Vulnerability Management"],
"firstFound": "2016-07-24T18:05:32Z",
"id": "1688658462571626517",
"riskRating": "Medium",
"statusCategory": "Closed",
"type": {
"name": "OpenSSH GSSAPI Credential Disclosure Vulnerability",
"openFindingCount": 8,
"patchAvailable": true,
"recommendation": "This issue affects versions of OpenSSH prior to 4.2. The vendor released OpenSSH version 4.2 to address this issue..."
"connectorNames": ["Brinqa Connect", "Brinqa Manual Entry"],
"firstFound": "2022-03-22T00:00:00Z",
"id": "1687513571912466447",
"riskRating": "Low",
"statusCategory": "Closed"
// ... other findings ...

Automation Library Example

Retrieve New Findings with Brinqa and Send Results Via Email

Automation LibraryPreview this Automation on desktop