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Audit Logs

The Audit Log monitor any activity in the tenant across 3 main categories:

  1. Setting updates - refer to actions such as Invite/Remove/Update User, Create/Remove/Update Group and Add to group member
  2. System configuration - refer to actions such as create Runner, Create/Remove/Update Automation, Tables, Apps and Workspaces
  3. User actions - refer to actions of call to API from the UI or API Key

audit logs

Audit log table content

  • Category - One of: Setting updates, System configuration, User actions
  • Action - The name of the action that was took place
  • Parameter - Details related to the action performed. The parameter can be the relevant username, Automation name, endpoint etc.
  • Details - Any additional information about the action.
  • Workspace - Workspace name of the action that was preformed
  • Date and Time - When the action was preformed
  • Done by - The email address of the user that preformed the action