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List Job Change Reasons

Retrieves all job change reasons.

Secured by: Staffing Actions: Change Job Date and Reason

Scope: Staffing.


LimitThe maximum number of objects in a single response. The default is 20. The maximum is 100.
OffsetThe zero-based index of the first object in a response collection. The default is 0. Use offset with the limit parameter to control paging of a response collection. Example: If limit is 5 and offset is 9, the response returns a collection of 5 objects starting with the 10th object.

Example Output

"data": [
"descriptor": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit ame",
"href": "A link to the instance",
"id": "Id of the instance",
"isForContingentWorker": true,
"isForEmployee": true,
"managerReason": true
"total": 0

Workflow Library Example

List Job Change Reasons with Workday and Send Results Via Email

Workflow LibraryPreview this Workflow on desktop