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Trellix Email Security Trellix Email Security

Trellix Email Security is a comprehensive email protection solution that helps organizations safeguard their inboxes from a wide range of threats, including phishing, malware, and spam. It utilizes advanced detection techniques and artificial intelligence to identify and block malicious emails before they reach users.

Creating a Trellix Email Security connection

Using API Key

To create the connection you need:

  • An API Address
  • An API Key

Obtaining the credentials

  1. Log in to your Trellix Email Security account.

  2. Click on My Settings in the top navigation bar


  3. Click the API Keys tab in the IAM console.

  4. Click Create API Key.


  5. Under Products, select both Email Threat Prevention and Identity Access Management.

  6. Add the required entitlements and copy your api key.

Creating your connection

  1. In the Blink platform, navigate to the Connections page > Add connection. A New Connection dialog box opens displaying icons of external service providers available.
  2. Select the Trellix Email Security icon. A dialog box with name of the connection and connection methods appear.
  3. (Optional) Edit the name of the connection. At a later stage you cannot edit the name.
  4. Select API Key as the method to create the connection.
  5. Fill in the parameters:
    • The API Address
    • The API Key
  6. (Optional) Click Test Connection to test it.
  7. Click Create connection. The new connection appears on the Connections page.