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Get Employees

Retrieve a paginated list of employees.


Employee IDOptional parameter used to retrieve the next page of data. Gets page of data after provided employee id.
FilterOptional parameter used to filter the data returned by the Api.

Example Output

"data": [
"additionalFields": [
"name": "Custom Field",
"source": "SomeCustomField__c",
"value": 24
"currentEmployment": {
"active": true,
"endDate": "2018-01-01",
"jobTitle": "Finance Assistant",
"name": "2019.02 #35",
"startDate": "2018-01-02"
"emailAddress": "",
"firstName": "Charles",
"fullName": "Chuck Hamilton",
"hrDepartment": "Finance",
"id": "a2G7E000000LlIDUA0",
"lastName": "Hamilton",
"workAddress": {
"city": "Reading",
"country": "United Kingdom",
"line1": "Hoover Bldg",
"line2": "12 MainSt",
"line3": "Hampstead Heath",
"name": "Work location 44",
"postalCode": "R11 2YY",
"region": "Berkshire"
"version": "4.7"

Automation Library Example

Get Employees with Sage Hr and Send Results Via Email

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