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List Users

Retrieves a list of all users in your KnowBe4 account.

Example Output

"id": 667542,
"employee_number": "19425",
"first_name": "William",
"last_name": "Marcoux",
"job_title": "VP of Sales",
"email": "",
"phish_prone_percentage": 14.235,
"phone_number": "555-554-2222",
"extension": "42",
"mobile_phone_number": "555-553-4422",
"location": "Office A",
"division": "Sales",
"manager_name": "Michael Scott",
"manager_email": "",
"provisioning_managed": false,
"provisioning_guid": null,
"groups": [
"current_risk_score": 45.742,
"aliases": [
"joined_on": "2019-04-02T15:02:38.000Z",
"last_sign_in": "2019-04-02T15:02:38.000Z",
"status": "active",
"organization": "KB4-Demo",
"department": "Sales",
"language": "English - United States",
"comment": "Low PPP",
"employee_start_date": "2019-04-02T15:02:38.000Z",
"archived_at": null,
"custom_field_1": "Building C, 4th Floor",
"custom_field_2": null,
"custom_field_3": null,
"custom_field_4": null,
"custom_date_1": "1986-11-26",
"custom_date_2": null

Automation Library Example

List Users with Knowbe4 and Send Results Via Email

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