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Revoke License

If licenseId is provided, a single license will be revoked if found. Other parameters are ignored in this case. If the licenseId is not provided then the licenses will be revoked by the assignee's email. In addition to email, productCode might be provided to revoke licenses for specified products only for the defined email. JetBrains IDE licenses are distributed on a per-user basis and must be statically assigned to developers. Therefore, the revoke operation via the JetBrains Account API is available only 30 days after the license has been assigned. For the automated license distribution you can use the JetBrains License Vault: If the licenses are being revoked by assignee's email within 30 days after assignment (for at least 1 assignee's license found), RECENTLY_ASSIGNED_LICENSE_IS_NOT_AVAILABLE_FOR_REVOKE error will be returned and no licenses will be revoked.

Basic Parameters

EmailAssignee's email.
License IDID of a license.

Advanced Parameters

Product CodeProduct code to filter licenses.

Example Output

"licenseIds": [

Automation Library Example

Revoke License with Jetbrains and Send Results Via Email

Automation LibraryPreview this Automation on desktop