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New Alert

Triggers a workflow on every new alert.


Automations based on this trigger will search for new events every 5 minutes.

Basic Parameters

Alert SourceThe source of the alert.
Customer IDThe unique identifier of the Google Workspace organization account of the customer the alerts are associated with.
You can find the customer ID in the Account Settings page.
TypeThe type of the alert.

Advanced Parameters

Delegated User OverridePerform the action on behalf of another user, overriding the delegated user defined in the connection.

If not specified, the delegated user is the one provided in the connection.

Has no effect when using an OAuth connection.

NOTE: the connection details are not edited by this input.

Sample Event

"alerts": [
"customerId": "00m234mn",
"alertId": "abcdefg-1111-2222-333-444",
"createTime": "2022-12-21T07:43:17.604338Z",
"startTime": "2022-12-21T07:13:16Z",
"endTime": "2022-12-21T07:13:16Z",
"type": "Suspicious login",
"source": "Google identity",
"data": {
"@type": "",
"email": "",
"loginDetails": {
"ipAddress": ""
"securityInvestigationToolLink": "",
"metadata": {
"customerId": "00m3zpd1",
"alertId": "bd70c094-7e40-478a-9d6b-70b4a4d1b3a1",
"status": "NOT_STARTED",
"updateTime": "2022-12-21T07:43:17.604338Z",
"severity": "LOW",
"etag": "h5hdL3n1SQg="
"updateTime": "2022-12-21T07:43:17.604338Z",
"etag": "h5hdL3n1SQg="