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New Message

Triggers a workflow on every new message in a user's mailbox.


Automations based on this trigger will search for new events every minute.

Basic Parameters

QuerySpecify to filter gmail messages from the events by specific conditions (same as the Gmail messages search bar).
For example, will limit triggered events only to messages sent from
Note: Do not add any time limitations (e.g. after or before) as they will disrupt the trigger's function.
User IDThe user's email address. The special value me can be used to indicate the authenticated user.

Advanced Parameters

Delegated User OverridePerform the action on behalf of another user, overriding the delegated user defined in the connection.

If not specified, the delegated user is the one provided in the connection.

Has no effect when using an OAuth connection.

NOTE: the connection details are not edited by this input.

Sample Event

"id": "1847639ebb049aee",
"threadId": "1847639ebb049aee"