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Manage Tables


To view the Case Tables Runtime Limitations click here. Keep in mind that the Tables in Cases have the same runtime limitations as the tables in the workspace.

All tables in the Case Management feature include a search bar, a filter button, a refresh button, and a view button to simplify the management of your tables.

Case Management Table

In the Search bar, simply type the case name or a case overview for example to quickly locate the specific case you are looking for.


Regular text search on table fields includes Name, Vendors, Mitres, Tags, Close Reasons, and Case Overview, with field types including Text, Single-Select, Multi-Select, and List.

Case Management Table

The Refresh Button

The page automatically refreshes every 5 minutes. You can check the last refresh time by hovering over the refresh button at the top. You can also manually refresh the page by clicking on the refresh button.

multi-select table

The View Button

The table contains additional fields, but only a few are initially visible by default. Click on the eye icon on the top-right above the table, to configure which table field columns you want to make visible and choose which table field columns you want to remain hidden.

multi-select table

The Filter Button

The Filter button simplifies filtering through case(s) by applying conditional statements to find the specific case(s) you are looking for.

multi-select table

The Summary Widgets

Toggle the Summary Widget button to show or hide the Severity Donut Chart, the Type Line Chart, and SLA Donut Chart. To hide these widgets, toggle the button off.

Summary Widget

Adding Custom Column

In any Case Management Table, you can create and add your own Custom Record Column.

  • To do this, click the '+' icon in the selected Table. Then, fill in the input parameters by providing a name for your column,choosing the column value type, and optionally entering a default value.

multi-select table